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Southeastern Georgia, USA


  Alfie Cofield
District 6920
Membership Chair
Rotary Club of Claxton
  Ron May
District 6920
Innovative Club Advocate 
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E-Club of Jesup Jesup
Adel Cook Nashville-Berrien
Baxley Hazlehurst

Congratulations District 6920 Presidents and Clubs!
We are GROWING again!

I have been blessed to have witnessed in person 2 different clubs induct 7 or 8 members each in one meeting! I have heard reports and seen RI data proving we are moving in the right direction. Gov Ed's visits are a big hit and he's pushing membership and we are following the leader! EACH ONE BRING ONE is catching on, and the momentum is flowing. So proud of each of you who have sponsored a new member and ask you to keep on helping them become better Rotarians and keep sponsoring!

New Members are so important, but what about new clubs? I hear rumors of Satellite Clubs being discussed in nearby towns.
We had one established last year in Baxley sponsored by the Hazlehurst Club.
ALL CLUBS can start a Satellite Club with as few as 8 members & those members can be part of your club but they meet at a different time, and/or day - more convenient to those folks. 
They can even be a theme-based club: How about a Veterans' Club in a military town? How about a literacy-based club centered around the schools in your town?
Educators usually can't meet with us at lunch, but they may want to meet twice a month late one afternoon.....
Be Creative, toss ideas around, then find a way to grow the Rotary family!

If you need help, email me and let's get together and talk about the possibilities. (

So happy to be part of Rotary with you!