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We are now opening up the process to receive applications for review as we prepare to convene the College of Governors for selection of our District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND). 
   Our current focus is on the selection of a District Governor Nominee Designate who will serve as our District Governor for the 2024-25 Rotary year.   Attached please find the application for potential candidate(s)
  • Please note the application requires your Club's endorsement.
  • Once completed the application should be submitted to me along with any supporting documents you wish to submit via mail or electronically no later than midnight Friday, 12 November 2021.
PDG Steve Barnes
Governor 2020-21, District 6920


Each month  Rotarian Marjorie Young (Dist. Comm. Chair) will lead a live discussion of things happening around our District  and the world  in Rotary with Gov. Ed and other special guests from around our District.
September 3rd  -  Click HERE to watch a Video Recording of the  Conversation with Gov. Ed
October 1st -
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Upcoming District 6920 Events

  November 12 DGND Application due to PDG Steve Barnes
  February 5 Assistant Governor and Leadership Training - Macon, GA
  February 25-27 President Elect Training (PETS) - Atlanta Renaissance Concourse Hotel 
  April 29 - May 1 District Conference - Augusta, GA
  June 18 District Assembly
  April 27-30 District Conference - Callaway Resort & Gardens


My Fellow Changemakers !!!!

I'm sure RI president Shekar Metha will not mind me reinforcing your roles in Rotary this year by using his monthly salutation and addressing you as Changemakers.  That's our assignment---

We have now officially completed the full first quarter of 2021--22 and as my travels and conversations continue at Mach speed, all I can think to say is WOW!!!!  District 6920 is an exciting place to feel and witness the enthusiasm of nearly 3,000 members in 61 clubs.  I am so proud of each and every one of you as I visit clubs and review emails, FB posts, reports, receive phone calls, and meet in-person and virtually.  In September, I was able to be your guest at 10 clubs, October has 18 clubs on the calendar, so by this time next month I will be nearly half done in the visitation journey.

The beauty of this responsibility is that I get to see a huge level of energy and so many levels of engagement traveling from club to club. It is so invigorating each time I meet with club leaders and members. Each club is unique, yet all clubs are focused on our theme "Serve to Change Lives".

Let's talk about highlights with the activities already in place:

We have identified a way to measure how many lives we are impacting in our district. Each club has been asked to complete a simple monthly report, estimating how many lives every one of their club projects may impact in the aggregate, using a multiplier factor.  (In short -- the ripple effect of volunteer hours, dollars etc.).  Please be faithful to this request.  I have an idea that when we announce the totals at our district conference next spring, the impact will be incredible.

 Our membership growth is rapid. Many clubs have already inducted multiple new members and we are on track to end the year back over 3,000 Rotarians. If we are vigilant in our efforts of Each one, Bring one, there is no limit to our success.

Attendance is growing in a positive direction at an exciting pace. Many clubs have returned to in-person meetings and some still offer hybrid options. Either way, please keep an accurate count on your reports. (For zoom or hybrid meetings -- just have someone click on the 'participants' list in zoom -- and take a screen shot then send to your President or Club Secretary by text or email -- easy!!)  As we cautiously and consciously restore our new normal from the effects of the pandemic it is clear that we need to be together.....safely. But don't forget -- by offering a Zoom option -- members traveling afar or recovering at home -- can remain engaged and up to speed!

This month is Rotary Economic and Community Development Month last month was dedicated to Basic Education and Literacy and next month is dedicated to the Rotary Foundation. As Changemakers, how have we planned our activities and accomplished our goals?  From my viewpoint, we are really impacting our service objectives.  I encourage you to maintain your individual enthusiasm and collective focus.  The possibilities are infinite. 

Finally, we continue to enjoy our first Friday with the District Governor live at noon on FACEBOOK.  Please take a few minutes to review our District 6920 FB page for past conversations -- and plan to join us next month.  As our page and all posts are 'public' you do NOT have to be a Facebook 'user' to be able to see the page and the videos - -

I want to thank everyone for everything.  So many faithful Rotarians dedicated to our mission is very inspiring.  Let's keep the momentum going!!

I hope each of you realize how fortunate we are to be part of Rotary.  Our impact extends from our community to international service. Indeed, "Serve to Change Lives" is our mission. 

Be Safe!!!

I feel GOOD!!!!!!


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 Bruce Montgomery

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